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Integrated Solutions from Research to Commercialisation.

Almac is a financially secure, privately owned organisation with over 3,300 employees located within the US and UK. Over 600 companies worldwide, including all the market leaders, use our services, testament itself to the quality, innovation and efficiency of our business as proven over the past 30+ years.

Our vast range of services include:

Biomarker Discovery & Development: Pre-clinical biomarker discovery, through to full companion diagnostic development and clinical test delivery from our CLIA laboratory. 

API Services & Chemical Development: Services for all stages of drug development for small molecules, potent and cytotoxic compounds and peptides.

Pharmaceutical Development:  Developing clinical candidates into an optimum formulation and manufacturing drug product for all phases of clinical trial supply.

Analytical Services: Delivering comprehensive solutions supporting drug substance and product development programmes.

Clinical Trial Supply: Offering over 20 years experience in clinical supply, packaging, distribution and management.

Clinical Technologies: Providing interactive voice and web response technologies, flexible solutions for patient enrollment, electronic PROs and adaptive trials.

Commercial Services: Services for all drug products from manufacturing, testing and packaging to end-user distribution.

 Almac – Partnering to Advance Human Health™

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Dr Tarig Arbab

Through the novel application of gap analysis methods in disease biotechnology, SST develops medications that serve as biochemical prostheses that bridge broken reaction pathways, create a normal physiological environment and programme the body to build a natural resistance to the disease. Unlike conventional treatments that act to directly suppress diseases rapidly often with adverse side- effects, SST’s products are designed to gradually correct genetic faults and biochemical mistakes that underlie these diseases. 

SST has been developing a series of patented pharmaceutical and medical device technologies and has found commercial success in its product, Amzylite F1.2, the first of its many upcoming diabetic oral medications.

Saccharides Science and Technology
Executive Director