Diamond Pharma Services

Diamond Pharma Services is a leading technical and scientific consulting group serving the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Our emphasis is on the following areas:

  • Regulatory Affairs: From Product Concept to Registration and Beyond
  • Product Development: Nonclinical, CMC and Clinical Aspects
  • Pharmacovigilance: Clinical trial (Phase I-IV), Post-Marketing and QPPV Services
  • Compliance: GLP, GMP, GCP and QP Services
  • Patient Information Leaflet Testing: Over 120 Tested with 100% Positive Agency Feedback

Our clients range from virtual start-up companies to the largest multi-national corporations. Our expertise includes products of recombinant DNA and hybridoma technology, nucleotide based products (RNA and DNA), synthetic peptides, chemical entities (innovative and generic), vaccines (therapeutic and prophylactic), blood products and advanced therapy medicinal products (gene therapy products).

We have sophisticated and well-equipped office facilities and a state-of-the-art IT system. Our IT system includes a fully validated in-house eCTD system (Extedo) and safety database (ARISg). The company was founded in 2005 by Dr. Maureen Graham, formerly Director of Regulatory Affairs at Amgen. Our specialised team of more than 24 professionals includes those with a broad and varied industry experience and former regulators, offering both breadth and depth of expertise, from which our clients can benefit.

Mr Paul Cronin


Domainex is an integrated drug discovery services company, which uses its medicinal chemistry expertise, its in silico hit screening approach and proprietary discovery technology platform, CDH, to improve efficiency in developing drug candidates.

- LeadBuilder, is a state-of-the-art virtual screening capability that identifies compounds with "lead-like" properties, ideal for progressing to drug candidates and saving 6-12 months on standard approaches.
- Combinatorial Domain Hunting (CDH), enables the fast identification of expressible (in E.coli or baculovirus) domains of drug target protein, which are able to bind ligand.

The identified protein domains are then used to quickly develop binding/activity assays for use in small molecule hit screening. This entire process only takes 4-5 months for novel drug targets and so can quickly de-rate limit exciting and challenging discovery programs. The Domainex services enhance drug discovery projects from target expression to small molecule lead optimization. Its success is illustrated by the number of drug candidates it has developed with 6 projects reaching Candidate Drug in the last 4 years (3 currently in the clinic). This success has been due to Domainex's focus on high quality, intelligence-driven drug design, supported by the expertise of its scientists.

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