Sera Laboratories International

Sera Laboratories International Ltd (Seralab) is an independent UK company providing a fast, friendly and efficient service with a focus on quality and traceability.

Seralab is a leading supplier of control matrices and disease state material from both human and animal models. The company offers the most complete range of human and animal-based research Bioproducts in Europe. Sera Lab provides serum, plasma, whole blood, tissues, microsomes, S9 fractions and fluids from the human model and an extensive range of animal species.

Our product range also includes Cell Culture sera and reagents including FBS, Cell Specific media selected growth factors and a range of standardised reagents and tools for all areas of Stem Cell research.

The Seralab technical and managerial team have, over 20 years, established an unrivalled reputation of working closely with our customers to develop individual, tailor made solutions; often through the development of new products and techniques.

Our commitment to traditional values of quality product, competitive pricing and absolute customer care are assured through our adherence to the spirit and application of ISO9001 accreditation, which we achieved in 2010. We constantly strive for service excellence providing reliability, full traceability and extensive quality control through customer led evolution and innovation.

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Ms Jenny Murray
Ms Jenny Murray
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