Q Chip is using a novel approach to encapsulate therapeutic peptides in bioresorbable polymer microspheres for injection and sustained drug release (SR). We avoid the use of harsh solvents, high temperatures and shearing forces and achieve high API loading and microsphere monodispersity- two of the most important desirable features of any encapsulation approach, minimising production cost and enhancing syringe-ability, with controllable burst release. We have recently demonstrated successful sustained release over one month of octreotide, in a preclinical model. A small initial burst release was seen, followed by sustained and essentially zero order octreotide release over at least 35 days. Interestingly, there was no lag phase of octreotide release which might otherwise mandate additional daily injections to achieve therapeutic dosing.

We have had similar success with one and three month SR formulations of leuprolide and intend to go next to POC in man. Our octreotide and leuprolide SR formulations are available for licensing.

We use a similar benign approach to therapeutic protein encapsulation and are collaborating with Artes GmbH on the encapsulation of interferon alpha 2a for SR - targeting an improvement on the weekly shots of pegylated interferon currently taken by hep C sufferers.

Q Chip is developing novel technology platforms for the encapsulation of therapeutic peptides for sustained release (SR) and is committed to demonstrating its platforms' capabilities by producing POC data on SR depot formulations of two market leading therapeutic peptides, leuprolide and octreotide. These depot products will compete in the oncology market and in Q Chip's view represent de-risked opportunities for potential partners since both should be amenable to abbreviated regulatory procedures. We are willing to consider licensing our leuprolide and octreotide formulations and we are also interested in talking to potential partners with peptides in development - there is a clear opportunity to develop new sustained release formulations that may extend product patent life as well as enhancing patient compliance.

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Dr Cora Griffin
Dr Cora Griffin
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